Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Week 4 Minecraft blog

WE FINISHED THE POLICE STATION!!!!!!!! Enyway there was a very big pain in the bum becouse ween we left to go back to school last week a bunch of boys got on the server at a nother library and put bloody water on all the buildings and poor Danny had to spend his time cleaning the bloody mees. A lot of people came into are Police Station and it was very hard to get the floors in the cafaterea becouse people were just standing looking around. We haven't talked about building a outside place for the prisoners. Rylee built the cels so their all done. What I did in the cafaterea was I put in tables for 6 people. I made the Kichion and I put the intier food in a chest. For the cels Rylee put in every one of them a bunk bed and a iron bar window. She put iron doors in and a lever to open it. But not in the cel!!! 

There was a fire at Levi's house becoue of his hot pool right next it his wooden house. Ween the people put it out with water the water was geting in the way of things and me and Danny cleand it up.


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  1. As usual an excellent blog Tom! Yes there were a few challenges this week. I didn't realise you were trying to fix the floor when people came into the Police Station. I don;t think they realised either. This is the difficulty of working in a large team. Communication becomes really important and how we relate to others becomes even more important. A good learning point for the class, we must try and communicate so we can share how we are feeling/