Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Week 3 Minecraft blog

 Post 3 week 3: This week was the week that everyone got to work building. My group have finished the Police Station but we just need to fill it in with things we need in a Police Stashion. Also it was the first time it ever rained in the world. 

So what we did was we made a hill of land on are spot to build the Station so we don't need to get rid of the rest of the land so it's a big mess in the hill.

We've finished the reception. We need to finish the cellars. We need to finish the cafaterea. And maybe put in a place were they go outside. 

Levi was going rampid on a Donkey all over the world :D.

I had a look around the world to see what everyone was doing. 

It was dark in the Police Station so I put a night vision poshion on me and my group. 

There was no fire and TNT ishuss so that was great!

As I was looking around the world the Farm people did so much on the land. They started building the barn for the animals.

In me and my groups building stashion we build a Horse cabon for are Police Horses. 

What were gonna build in future weeks is.

1. A boat place. We need a boat place for ween people have toomuch Pawa. 

2. A place for outside. We need a place for outside so the prisoners can play basket ball and stuff.

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